Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Avant a laugh mix 5

Part 5 of the never ending mix of avant pop, rock, noise, chav hop and filthy country music...

Can Duran Duran be mixed into Prurient ?

Bonnie prince Billy next to Can ?

Is there really a song in this mix called 'I'd rather have a dick in my ass than have you in my heart' ?

Well you can download all of this for nothing and find out....

A special thanks to Richard Skelton who runs the sustain-release record label for kindly giving me a superb sampler of his work. An article about him can be found in the Feb issue of WIRE magazine. One of his tracks ends this mix.

His website is here - http://www.sustain-release.co.uk/

His myspace is here, go listen - http://www.myspace.com/sustainrelease

Another big thanks to Loopy C for letting me know about his mixtape/mash-up that was made for/from the 'Mutant Sounds' blog, combining various 'Mutant Sounds' blog material and Electro-Acoustic/Avant Garde classic woks. One of an 'invisible' and continuing series.

You can download it here - http://www.loopyc.com/public/radiovalyermo/Mutant_Sounds_Acoustica_021507.mp3

And his Blog is here - http://an-index-of-possibilities.blogspot.com/

I would like to have a tracklisting for this so if you have it could you stick it in the comments please, that would be great :)

So anyway Mix Part 5


1. Rhys Chatham - A Crimson Grail part 3
2. Desmond Dekker and the Aces - Beautiful and dangerous
3. Machinefabriek - Somerset
4. Bonnie prince Billy - Barcelona
5. Can - Dizzy dizzy
6. Flaherty, Corsano, Yeh - Abstract Poverty
7. Blind Lemon Jefferson - See that my grave is kept clean
8. Lady Sovereign - Blah blah blah
9. Duran Duran - Friends of mine
10. Prurient and John Wiese - Cloven Spike
11. Omar Souleyman - Jani
12. Attic - Whenever it is
13. Owl Xounds - A mistake has been made in your honour 2
14. Black boned angel - Endless coming into life
15. Pandorra Ensemble - Ritme 7000
16. Howling Willie Cunt - I'd rather have a dick in my ass than have you in my heart
17. Carousell (Richard Skelton) - Again itself

Running time - 73 mins

You may reach this music by clicking here - http://rapidshare.com/files/17461463/Avant_a_laugh_mix_part_5.rar

Friday, 9 February 2007

Avant a laugh mix part 4

Part 4... this time there is a lot of fresh music involved. We have new tracks from Richard Youngs, Bill Callahan (Smog) and Death Unit sitting along side dark dupstep, drone, sharp post punk, hellish noise and eye shattering jazz.. oh and I had to end on a classic...


1. Alice Coltrane - Universal Conciousness
2. La Monte Young - The Volga Delta
3. Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Suspended Season
4. Burial - Prayer
5. Crispy Ambulance - Sexus
6. Death Unit - Untitled
7. The focus group - Danse and atoms
8. Mattin - Attitude Fetishist
9. Jim O'Rourke - Something big
10. Elton Motello - Jet boy, jet girl
11. Steve Lacy - Ugly beauty
12. Erik Nordgren - Crazy Robots
13. Muslimgauze - Sabra
14. Tod Dockstader - Apocalypse part one
15. Bill Callahan - Footprints
16. Sandy Denny - Late november
17. Borbetomagus - Abc no rio, new york 24 nov 1988
18. Psychic TV - Clouds without water
19. Richard Youngs - Hand in a dream
20. Mo-dettes - Paint it black
21. Lee Patterson - Sparklers (Live at Instal, Glasgow)
22. Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman

Runninf time - 64 mins

Get it here - http://rapidshare.com/files/15741331/Avant_a_laugh_mix_part_4.rar

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Avant a laugh mix part 3

Yes yes it's back. Took a while because sometimes Rapidshare doesn't want to play nice with me..

Oh if anyone wants to do an avant garde/weird music mix and you can't be bothered doing your own blog or maybe you don't want to post one on your blog then anyone can use this place. Guest mixes would be great and I would be interested to hear them.

This time we have electronic terror, blissfull electronica, Pure tonal Sine waves, rare post punk, doom, drone and heartbreaking piano music from Ethiopia

Avant a laugh mix part 3


1. Nicole 12 - Substitute
2. Robert Henke - Layer 004
3. Spell - Johnny remember me
4. This Heat - Rainforest
5. SUNNO))) - Coma mirror
6. The hidden hand - Dark horizons
7. Sachiko M - 2808200
8. Volcano the bear - Hail the New Memphist
o9. Loren Connors - Dark Is The Night, Cold Is The...

*This is where the first part/mp3 of the mix ends*

10. Armand Schaubroeck Steals - Preteen mama
11. James Blackshaw - Celeste
12. Horrific Child - Track 1
13. Nature and Organisation - Wicker man song
14. Noah Howard - Domiabra
15. Essential bop - Kicking the sun around
16. Nurse With Wound - I Was No Longer His Dominant
17. Black Randy and the Metrosquad - Marlon brando
18. Ben Frost - Stomp
19. Stars of the lid - Even if you are never awake
20. Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - The Song Of The Sea

Running time 76 mins

Due to the file size this mix has been broken up into 2 parts. It will however still fit on to a cd-r.

Part 1 here - http://rapidshare.com/files/14696915/Avant_a_laugh_mix_part_3-001.rar

Part 2 here - http://rapidshare.com/files/14700659/Avant_a_laugh_mix_part_3-002.rar

Tracklisting here - http://rapidshare.com/files/14692846/Avant_a_laugh_mix_part_3.txt