Thursday, 1 March 2007

Avant a laugh mix part 6

Yes it's that time again.

I wish I could post more often but trying to pull off more than one of these things a week is too much.. so as I said before any other mixes are welcome to be posted on here.. just let me know.

This mix.. well.. drone, Throat singing, balls to wall rock and roll, Prog, Folk and Ass shaking grooves all in one neat little package.

Syd Barrett's last song with Pink Floyd makes an appearance, as does a Neil Young song which has some rare guitar playing from original crazy horse member Danny Whitten.

Oh and a brief warning. I know sometimes these mixes can explode into extreme noise without much warning but be careful coming up to the 'Sissy Spacek' track.. especially if you are wearing headphones or are in the presence of young children..

Let us get started


1. Lawrence English - Swan
2. Albert Kuvezin Yat Kha - Love will tear us apart
3. Alesia Cosmos - King kong
4. Sir Richard Bishop - Black eyed blue
5. Brute Force - Confessions of love, track 2
6. Étant Donnés - Aurore, track 8
7. Fushitsusha - Magic IV
8. The Bark Haze - Punchline part 1
9. Johnny Thunders - You can't put your arms around a memory
10. Colin Potter - Behind you
11. The Stooges - Trollin'
12. Sissy Spacek - Devils cone and palm
13. Pink Floyd - Vegetable man
14. Frank Wright - Kevin, my dear son
15. P.G. Six - Lily of the west
16. Mex - The happy egg
17. LCD Soundsystem - Time to get away
18. Spor - Hydra
19. Angus MacLise - The Joyous Lake
20. Paul Bley - Circles
21. Neil Young - Winterlong

Running time - 69 mins

grab it -


Loopy C said...

Cool, just in time. I am loading up my iPod for a two week road trip (doing some work in the 'OC') and already had 1~5 ready to go. I will check back in a few and as always look forward to hearing the latest installment ;-)

Ifearsatan said...

:) thanks for the kind words. Hope you have an enjoyable trip !

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