Saturday, 27 January 2007

Avant a laugh mix part 2

Ok here is another mix of sounds that really have no right to be played next to each other.. We have some Dubstep in the mix this time to liven things up.. maybe you will feel like dancing ? Elsewhere we have Shirley Collins singing whilst Hermann Nitsch booms in the background and an emotionally devastating 6 minutes of Albert Ayler playing at his good friend John Coltrane's funeral to send you all off to bed thoroughly depressed...

p.s Please forgive the 'computer' noise that crops up twice.. As you know this is mixed live and recorded so if the laptop decides to make an unscheduled noise then I can't really stop and start again.. although I did feel like it..


1. Chrystal Belle Scrodd - Cradle your snatch
2. Geir Jenssen - Crossing a landslide area
3. Krzysztof Komeda - Rosemary's baby main theme
4. Skream - Blue Eyez
5. Art ensemble of chicago ft. Brigitte Fontaine - Comme a la radio - Le brouillard
6. Factrix - Eerie lights
7. Nico - The Falconer
8. Lucky Pierre - Weir's way
9. Kode9 and the Space Ape - Backwards
10. Daniel Johnston - Laurie
11. Derek Bailey and Keiji Haino - 25 No Seimeitai
12. Music for the Gods - Gambangan Gamelan Semar Pegulingan
13. Alva Noto - Wall anfang
14. Hermann Nitsch - Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters Day 3 - Day Of Dionysus - 02-01-5.30 a.m
15. Shirley Collins - False true love
16. Milanese - Dead man walking
17. Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry - Offering.mp3
18. Brett Smiley - Space Age
19. Wild Man Fischer - Jennifer Jones
20. Albert Ayler - Love cry - Truth is marching in - Our prayer (At John Coltrane's funeral)

Running time 72 mins

Get it here -


Rod... said...

... downloading and will listen later... well, tomorrow, after a crazy night! The truth marchs in... across all the petty barriers... dubstep to albert... the way the world should turn... thanx for this...

Rod... said...

... and Nico via Shirley Collins... you have my vote...

atanase said...

wild man fischer is one project zappa should have avoided. too painful to listen to this record.

ornette also played on trane's funeral.

man, preparing compilation is a tough task. thanks for your effort

Anonymous said...

Nico, Komeda, AND Brett have impeccable taste.

Your ball 'n' chain
aka WIFE aka KIM XO

Loopy C said...

Look forward to checking it out ;-)

Keep trying to get mine up also (about 30 now) but damn it's a lot of work to properly present what is initially a spontaneous act, you have my respect already.

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